Need a Logo
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A logo isn’t just a pretty visual image printed next to your name. It is an integral component of your brand and frequently the first thing a customer sees. The first step in creating a logo is not design; the first step is thinking about what you want to communicate. You want to create a logo that projects a brand image that matches the expectations of your customer. Smart-Host has put together a list to help you get started.

One you have the basics together give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your logo requirements.

  • Use one color when creating your logo. A logo design that uses too many colors can get cluttered and overwhelming.

  • Use only one or two fonts when creating your logo. This makes it look like a cohesive unit as opposed to unrelated pieces.

  • Make sure the logo you create looks goodonline and in print, in black and white or in color.

  • Make sure your logo will look good on light and dark backgrounds. You might consider creating variations to use on a dark background.

  • Create a logo that looks good big or small. Test your design to make sure it is scalable because it will appear in many different sizes throughout its lifecycle.

  • Avoid over-techniqueing when designing a logo. Gradient, shadowing, and embossing can look pretty on the page but they are difficult to reproduce on different substrates.

  • Analyze the negative space in your logo making sure that nothing undesirable appears there. Whatever appears in the negative space of your creation, should match your brand promise.